Feeding Kids: IHOP and No Kid Hungry

Millions of kids in America don't get enough food at home. And it’s almost impossible for hungry kids to focus and do well in school.

At times, hunger seems like something that affects only the poorest families. But the truth is that kids struggle with hunger in every community, from isolated rural towns to struggling urban neighborhoods to affluent suburbs. In fact, as many as many as 1 out of every 6 children in America has faced hunger.

It's a problem that affects not just children in low-income neighborhoods, but all of us. But it's a problem we can solve.

Last year, IHOP customers raised $286,000 in a single month – enough to provide over 2.8 million meals to hungry kids. IHOP workers have a long history of giving back to their local communities, with a special focus on charitable work that helps children.

Through our partnership with IHOP, No Kid Hungry is making sure that every kid in American has a chance to do their best.

Hunger Hurts Kids

Being hungry isn't just hard for kids. It also hurts their chances at success – in school and in life. Studies show that when children start the day with a free, healthy breakfast, their teachers see a profound increase in how alert they are during morning lessons, and a lot fewer problems with discipline and attendance.

Put simply, when it comes to the most effective ways to feed hungry kids, we know what works. Thanks to committed partners like IHOP, No Kid Hungry is able to reach more kids with the food they need.

Find out how you can help kids in your community.